location and terroir

Quinta das Peixotas comprises an area of about 30 hectares and is located in the north of Portugal, in the Douro Region, in the southern of Canelas, near the town of Peso da Régua – the capital of wine and vineyard.

This region is bounded by the Rio Douro (with mouth in Porto) and is internationally known for its wines DOC Douro and especially by the famous Port wine.

The long tradition of viticulture reveals itself in a landscape of particular beauty, highlighting the remarkable work done over the centuries in the construction of shale walls that extend the slopes, keeping the authenticity of the region.

Featuring a very special terroir in half-hill, Quinta das Peixotas has a belvedere offering a magnificent landscape in the heart of Douro Valley. Here the vines are planted on shale land and arranged in terraces.

The region benefits from a very particular microclimate, surrounded by mountains, with hot, dry summers and harsh and long winters.

The land of schistose base (with an average slope of 25%) is poor and dry and has a privileged sun exposure, perfect for the cultivation of vines and olive. Because of its impermeability, this soil collects water from the winter rains to feed the plant during summer.

lagarada em quinta no douro


Quinta das Peixotas uses cultivation techniques that meet the parameters of Integrated Protection System, which excludes all pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers that cause environmental damage,

The certified Integrated Protection System settle on the conscious use of the resources, developing plant’s natural defense mechanisms against harmful agents in order to protect nature and to produce biologically healthy and high quality grapes.

The wines branded “Quinta das Peixotas” result of winemaking using ancestral techniques our best grapes which dominant grape varieties are Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz e Tinta Barroca.

The grapes were foot trodden and vinified in traditional granite lagares. The wine ages in stainless steel vats, oak barriques (french and iberian) and then in bottle, for final ageing.

history and team

The cultivation of the vineyards in this region goes back to the roman occupation, and was largely increased during the XVII century.

Around 1860, phylloxera destroyed almost all the existing vineyards and it was only in the beginning of the XX century that was made a true recovery of the cultivated area. Several estates are merged, coming to establish what now is Quinta de Valbom de Cima and Quinta das Peixotas, under the guidance of João Alves Barreto.

Until 1986, the farms belonged to several generations of the family Barreto, time when they have been acquired by the current owner.

Back in 1986, Jorge Almeida, who was a doctor and had always loved Alto Douro Wine Region, bought the vineyard and created Quinta das Peixotas brand. He developed his wines under high quality standards and greatly believing on Douro’s potencial.

He opened a renewal process on the company, refurbishing the wine cellar and starting the new visual identity project. Nowadays the business is running by his 3 daughters and his wife. The 4 women proceed the project, motivated by the same ideals as their father and husband and putting their efforts as the greatest homage.

innovation and renewal

Quinta das Peixotas is represented by a centuries-old stone wine cellar with a traditional tile roof. The building underwent to a set of recovery interventions, in order to support and upgrade the farm, as well as to improve the process of transforming grapes.

The project was developed taking in consideration and respecting the place, the types of existing buildings in this type of agricultural land, and the Heritage where it belongs.

Following this sense of renewal, Quinta das Peixotas also began a process of reforming the visual identity and brand, with the main purpose of valuation of the product and opening to new markets.

The new label series concept come from the winery maps – the terraces looked from above draw a topographic design from the region. This view drawings worked in wood-printing appear in the wine labels as digital printings.


The Quinta das Peixotas wine began to be bottled in 1992.

Thanks to the technical improvement achieved in the selection of grapes, their winemaking and ageing, Quinta das Peixotas achieved the best awards, both regionally and internationally.

Gold medals
Premios Mezquita 2015;
Wine Masters Challenge 2002;
Casa do Douro 2001.

Silver medals
Premios Mezquita 2017;
La Selezione del Sindaco 2016;
Clube do vinho 2003.